You are a beautiful masterpiece! Love yourself! And honor
your “ARTIST” with self-preservation and self-respect. Be
patient and consistent and success will follow! ~ Karim

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Stop! Take a long look in the mirror.

Ask yourself, is your heart and body conditioned to play with your children? Can you hike or bike with love ones? Endure a three mile trek in the face of a disaster? Are you eating for vibrancy or eating for deterioration? Well exhale because after "Training with Karim" the children will ask you to slow down. You and your loved ones will be "Living for Adventure" and eating to improve health will be made simple!

Welcome to Karim Jabbar's personal training website. As a former professional NFL athlete and Certified Personal Trainer he will be sharing over 15 years of experience with you.

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What do headaches, back pain, joint pain, mental confusion, low energy, and decreased performance all have in common? They are all symptoms of dehydration. Water is a catalyst in numerous essential bodily functions. Water is the lubricant that bathes every tissue and cell of the body. Without it, fat loss is almost impossible.


This month learn more about how to work those abs and have a ripped tummy that will turn heads this summer.


This is perfect information for anyone trying to tone the tough areas around the waist. Click here for More Info!

As a physician, I appreciate Karim's knowledge of anatomy and how he applies this to each individual's workout.
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