You are a beautiful masterpiece! Love yourself! And honor
your ďARTISTĒ with self-preservation and self-respect. Be
patient and consistent and success will follow! ~ Karim

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I have been training with Karim once or twice a week since August, 2004. Karim has an incredible understanding of the interplay between the mental, bio-mechanical, and neuro-muscular components of the body. He has taught me that balance and flexibility are key requirements to building strength and achieving overall fitness. Karim's attention to positioning and form is outstanding --I feel like I am the only person in the room when we train. He pushes me to my limits and I know I am stronger and fitter with every session. When I got married last June, Karim was my rock. His skills as a trainer and his encouragement as a friend helped put me in the best shape for that walk down the aisle! Thanks Karim!

Washington DC




My training experience has been nothing short of rewarding. Iím learning to lead a healthier lifestyle and the results are evident! I couldnít ask for a better coach!

Washington DC




As a physician, I appreciate karim's knowledge of anatomy and how he applies this to each individual's workout. This makes each workout stimulating, fun, and the results are exceptional.



Washington DC



I was anxious to get back into my exercise program after the birth of my daughter on December 1, 2005. I have always worked out with a trainer while I was living in my home town of Santos, Brazil. I looked into finding a trainer when I moved to the DC area last summer and joined Sports Club/LA.. Karim has been an excellent teacher. His knowledge and enthusiasm are unsurpassed. I really enjoy training with him highly recommend him to everyone interested in raising their training regimen to the next level.

Washington DC



Karim's approach to my training has helped me
with my goals of increased flexibility, better posture and less muscle
imbalances. All the while, he has focused on the interaction of these
various hurdles I have faced. I couldnít be more pleased with his individual
attention and my progress.










I have been training with Karim over the past two years, and have improved significantly in my conditioning, athletic performance and knowledge of my body. Karim is a very special trainer, and in my opinion, one of the best. The first thing that Karim asked was for me to define my goals. Karim works to define training and performance goals that are as specific as possible so that he can develop a program that is not only tailored to a client's body and ability, but also designed to provide ways to measure progress. He also provides good information about how nutrition will factor into achieving training and performance goals.

Being a recreational multi-sport athlete - from basketball to flag football to tennis - I presented Karim with a unique training puzzle: developing a training program that would provide me with conditioning, functional strength and performance for activities that are not alike. Karim accepted this challenge, and has provided me with several training programs over the past two years that have been exceptional in terms of results. Along the way, he also educated me so that I could develop some additional things for myself. His programs have improved my performance in my sports, and allowed me to take on more advanced training methods.

When I ask myself "Am I better off today, after working with Karim, than I was two years ago?" the answer is short and simple - absolutely, positively yes.




3 years ago, I thought I was at the pinnacle of my athletic career when I suffered a torn ACL and MCL as well as two meniscal tears. After a series of surgeries my competitive spirit was burned out and I never
thought I would return to the level of fitness I had achieved. I spent three years shying away from leg workouts and cardio because I was scared of re-injury.
I have been training with Karim twice a week for the past 4 months. Karimís knowledge of rehabilitation, core strength development, and his ability to relate to me as a former competitive athlete have rejuvenated my passion for working out moreover I am on track to be in the best shape of my life. Karim has taught me to realize that there is a future beyond competition. That of life long fitness, which can be achieved while still maintaining a competitive spirit. Every time I train in Karimís class, I am pushed to my limits and from week to week I can feel and see results. A few of his most admirable qualities are
his ability to give individual attention, positive reinforcement, and attend to the special needs of each member of the class. Finally, Karimís role as a coach and friend has instilled a new beginning. I am in the best mental and physical shape I have been in years and itsí thanks to Karimís understanding of the symbiosis between the mind and body. Thanks Karim!
Washington DC



There's an Eastern saying: "The teacher and the taught together create the teaching". Together Karim and I created a customized program to meet my needs and accomplish my goals. This has been and continues to be a life altering experience. Thanks Karim






Karimís other clients proudly show the visually pleasing physical results of having Karim as your trainer. I too could show my ďchiseledĒ body. Instead, I decided to present this photograph, which I believe, represents the positive effects of the total training package Karim designed for me.  First, Karim rehabilitated what had been a  chronically painful right shoulder and elbow.  I became pain free for the first time in years.   Next, Karim utilized an array of exercises to increase my flexibility and strength. When I climbed hundreds of steps at Angor Wat, the famous Buddhist temple in Cambodia (only a few of which are pictured), I knew I would have the energy, flexibility and strength to accomplish the goal.  On the other hand, other people who were younger than I, had great difficulty or could not complete the trip to the top.  Karim has taught me that physical fitness results in more than bench pressing your weight Ė it gives you the confidence to know that your body is capable of performing optimally at any age. My relationship with Karim is beyond that of a trainer; he has become my counselor




Training with Karim has totally changed my body and my outlook on excerise and staying healthy....stretching.  

After running for many years it had taken its toll on my body.  Karim has gotten me back to running and being strong in doing so which helps avoid injury.  He is the BEST!"












It has been a dream come true to train with such an exceptional,
knowledgeable former NFL superstar.  Hard work, great inspiration and
the ability to motivate are just a few of his qualities.  The friendship
and Karim's unbelievable caring for each client is what sets him apart.
I am so glad and thankful for this opportunity to train with someone
with such high caliber qualities.
Work hard, play hard and look good doing it...





As a guy who has spent most of his youth playing team sports hiring a personal trainer for me was a way to have company while I would be forced to do an otherwise boring group of exercises. When I say i've hired trainers, there have been at least 10 over the past 8 years. Some tall, some short, some black, some white, some muscle bound, and some thin.

The difference is that Karim's workouts are exciting! He has the uncanny ability to get more. He get more by making it seem as if its your idea to give more. And in that sense creates that teamwork feeling. Don't get me wrong, there is never an easy day working with Karim but there also isn't a day that you leave the workout and can't wait until the next one.
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